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Women's Voices of the Middle East: Jazz by Ingrid Naccour
A Jazzy tribute to all that girls in jazz at 360°
7.06 / 20:00
Be part of history in the making as we proceed with “Women’s Voices of the Middle East” — an empowering 360° concert series that celebrates the talent and creativity of female artists of the region.

And our next sensation will be Ingrid Naccour — a jazz diva from Lebanon, with dozens of gigs under her belt, including the Beirut jazz festival.

On Friday June 7th, she will come down to TODA to bring you the most inspiring jazzy songs — by women or about women.

From the smoky ballads of Ella Fitzgerald, to the smooth rhythms of Nora Jones — Ingrid & her band are about to explore the full spectrum of jazz with unmatched skill.

Join us as we celebrate talent and diversity — in the universal language of jazz!
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