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The Spirits
Mythical Comedy Play that lays bare the fragility of human existence — at 360°
6.06 / 20:00
Step into the extraordinary with The Spirits — an immersive theatrical experience that blurs the line between reality and supernatural.

Done under TODA’s NeoTheatre cultural initiative, this horror stage performance lays bare the fragility of human existence — in a quite comical manner.

Follow the turbulent life of a young psychiatrist, as he faces strange supernatural events while striving for success in his career.

Expect the unexpected as his body becomes a playground for mischief spirits, taking the hero on a series of whimsical, but comical events.

Will the forces of good prevail, rescuing the tormented soul? Can love and redemption conquer the chaos?

We invite you to find it out, at 360°

Extraordinary events meddling in ordinary problems — at 360°
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