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The Sound of Legends
A music portal to the most beloved fantasy universes — from The Witcher to The Game of Thrones
24.05 / 20:00
Transport into the soundscapes of your favourite fantasy universes — from The Witcher to The Game of Thrones, all in stunning 360°.

Brought to you by Julie Shamaani — a singer, whose rarely deep voice has already captivated audiences in several music shows, including The Voice.

On May 24th, Julie will come to TODA to sweep you away to distant lands — where dragons soar, warriors clash, and heroes rise to meet their destiny.

So hit the start button and join us on this quest through the fantasy worlds — The Lord of the Rings, The Witcher, Skyrim, Vikings, The Pirates of the Caribbean & more.

Together with a 360° digital show — this one will become your ticket to the world filled with wonder and adventure.

Dresscode: No specific dress code, but cosplay is welcomed!
Epic music journey into the fantasy universes
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