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The Elements of Balance
Experience the restorative power of five elements at 360°
21.12 / 20:00
Experience the restorative power of the five elements with Alex Fuks & his team — four sound healing gurus that utilise sounds, voices, and vibrations to bring you back into a state of vitality.

Combining the transformative power of gongs, singing bowls, flutes & harps with guided meditation, they will take you on a profound journey into the essence of life itself.

The grounding strength of Earth, Water's fluid energy, passion of Fire, boundless freedom of Air and the spaciousness of the Universe. All five elements will serve as your companions, guiding you towards inner resilience.

So join us on December 21st to take a mindful pause, recharge and bounce back even stronger.

Together with a 360° immersive show — this one will transform your perception of well-being!
Recharge your body & mind at 360°
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