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The Crisis of Imagination
An award-winning mix of circus & theater at 360°
27.10, 28.10
"The Crisis of Imagination" is a fascinating story of two adults suddenly regaining their childhood imagination. For a fleeting moment they find themselves in a world where anything is possible.

It's only when this magical world disappears they realise that the fine line delicate boundary between reality and imagination is defined solely by one's perspective.

Together with the heroes, you will dive into the intricacies of human relationships, with an imaginary world so minimalistic, it allows you to craft your own mental landscapes.

Touching, absurd, and profoundly sincere, it leaves no one indifferent. Its multi-layered storytelling resonates with universal themes of kids' imagination, wordless storytelling, simplicity, and humour that transcend language barriers.

Two performers, one staircase and helium-filled balloon take viewers of all ages on a captivating hour-long journey away from reality.

Immerse into the world of endless imagination with this unique mindfulness practice for adults and children alike, and experience what modern theatre has to offer.
Two stars of European festivals in a surprising mix of circus and theatre
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