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The Balance Wave
A perfect synergy of two ancient practices — Yoga & Sound Healing
23.05 / 20:00
Rediscover the harmony within your mind, body, and spirit at The Balance Wave — a transformative meditation session crafted to restore your energy balance.

On May 23, experience the power of two ancient healing modalities — Acro Yoga and Sound Healing — as 9 artists from all over the globe bring them together in perfect harmony, at 360.

Savour the soothing resonance of ancient instruments, like Handpan, Tabla, Diegodo and etc.

Marvel at the graceful movements of Acro Yoga Performers.

Wind down at group meditation.

Set against mesmerising 360°art — this one promises to leave you feeling grounded, centred and at peace.
Find your vibrational balance at 360°
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