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Sound Healing Initiation
2-days program by Sagar Dugani — one of the top Sound Therapist in Dubai
18.05, 19.05
Embark on a one-of-a-kind journey, a world-first experience, within the immersive 360° venue, TODA.

Encounter over 10 gongs, 10 sets of singing bowls, 7 plus sound
healing practitioners and an introduction to more than 15 different ancient instruments.

The two-day journey will bring together 60 individuals under one roof, enveloped in the powerful vibrations of healing instruments. Through sound, we embark on a transformative journey, connecting with the rhythm of our breath and heartbeat for profound healing.
Journey of Sound from your heartbeat to the cosmos
This course will teach you the foundation of sounds, skills & techniques to connect to 3
main instruments, Singing Bowls, Gongs & Self.

Under ‘Self’:

You will connect to the power of the sound of your breath, heartbeat, voice and the sound of your thoughts.

Singing Bowls & Gongs:

Techniques to play these instruments, origin, sound cymatics, logical & scientific aspect of sound & instruments.
Breath Instruments:

Didgeridoo, Mouth Harp, Ocarina, shamanic flute & animal sounds and Storm Sounds to create a jungle ambience during the sessions.

Percussion Instruments:

Djembe, Rattlers, Shakers, Bells & Chimes to create the chaos within & learn to observe the chaos without reacting.

Sound of the cosmos:

10 different kinds of Gongs, 10 sets of singing bowls, to
understand & feel the vibrations.

DNA Instruments:

Wind-chime, customised DNA instrument, Pulse Tubes.
What is this Training about?
Who Is This Training For?
Physical & Mental Health Practitioners

Professionals in the healthcare field seeking to complement traditional treatments with holistic healing modalities
Yoga Teachers

Instructors in yoga and mindfulness practices interested in incorporating sound therapy to deepen the relaxation and meditative experience

Educators aiming to create calming and supportive environments for their students using sound-based techniques

Leaders in various industries exploring sound therapy as a means to foster workplace well-being and productivity
Join the program at a special rate till April 20th.
Only 20 spots available!
Attention, Early Birds!
Sagar's teachings stem from a fundamentally experiential approach, prioritising simplicity and accessibility in learning.

Having recovered himself from spondylitis with
the Didgeridoo healing, he has dropped his career from as a senior data analyst, to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery.

He has received over 50 shamanic sessions, uncovering the transformative power of internal sound, breath, and movement.

• Having touched the lives of over 5000 individuals in India and Dubai in 3 years

• Honoured as Outstanding Sound Healing Therapist by the Dubai Mastermind Awards

• Featured in Lovin Dubai, Dubai TV & Dubai One Channel

• Nominated by Musiv for the best upcoming artist of 2023, Sagar's contributions to
the field of sound healing continue to garner recognition.
Meet the
Training Program
For Giveaway Winners

1. One set of handmade singing bowls from India will be awarded to 3 lucky winners.
2. A single handmade Gong from India will be awarded to one lucky participant.

For all Participants

3. Digital Recording of the entire course for a lifetime.
4. Enjoy a 50% discount on Home Sessions at different venue.
5. Booklets, Certifications, Paulo Santo, Sage, Energy Bars, Cacao & more.
6. Hand-written training book by Sagar on the benefits and impact of sound.
7. Daily 1-2 hour Q & A for the 6 days after the training.
8. Get Instruments through India & Nepal directly from the wholesaler.
9. The 12-hour completion certification from soundbreathmovements.com.
10. WhatsApp Support Group for a Lifetime.
Each participant stands to gain up to 5350 AED in added value