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Senses Sync: Lamina & Stereorama
Human emotions decoded in digital art. See your innermost feelings — at 360°.
1.03 — 3.03 / Selected Showtimes
Embark on a multisensory journey through the spectrum of human emotions at Senses Sync — a series of pop-up immersive exhibitions, designed to unlock the connection between the human soul and contemporary art.

Drawing from the research on neuroscience and psychology, Senses Sync portrays the biological and chemical changes that occur during emotional experiences. So you can SEE your innermost feelings at 360°!

From joy to sorrow, from love to fear — each digital creation will reflect a different aspect of human experience, making it easy for everyone to relate and enjoy.

Keep your mind (and eyes!) open and you will be surprised how emotional digital art can be.
Decoding the language of emotions — in digital art
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