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Savanna Jazz
360° piano journey through the heart of South African Jazz
6.01 / 20:00
Embark on a musical safari through the South African classics with Claude Cozens — a piano mastermind who has performed in the most prestigious halls of 5+ countries across the globe.

On January 6th, he will come down to TODA to introduce you to the Grandfathers of Jazz — South African composers who mixed western classical styles with local rhythms & melodies.

The result? Classy jazz as breathtaking as the African Savanna!

Expect compositions by Abdullah Ibrahim, Winston Mankunku, Hotep Galeta, Louis Maholo & many more — performed on a grand piano in the immersive space.

Set against a mesmerising 360° animalistic art by Marcel van Luit — this is going to be the wildest jazz gig in town!

Wild piano journey to jazz origins at 360°
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