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Celebrate the 816th birthday of Rumi at 360°

01.10 / 20:00
Come by for an evening immersed in the dances and sounds of the region as we celebrate the 816th birthday of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi — poet, Islamic scholar & Sufi mystic.

Just the mention of Rumi conjures up a vision of Love so divine, all-encompassing and alluring - that each of us heeds the call of the drum and leaves behind our world-weariness!

In 2 hours, Samaneh (narrator), Khalil (dutar & vocal), Sandu (tabla), Hooman (oud), Swarashri (dancer) will guide you through Rumi's world — from a unique fusion of Authentic Music and Poetry to mystical Sufi whirling and Meditation.

Step by step, they will help you to unfold all the gems hidden in the works of the great master.

And to make it even more exciting, we’ve invited Sumayyah Al Suwaidi — a highly acclaimed Emirati artist, whose stunning digital creations blend tradition and innovation.

Explore the ancient wisdom and feel your heart with harmony and peace at TODA.
Celebrate the 816th birthday of Rumi at 360°
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