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Rhapsody in 4 Hands
Contrast performance of a perfect synchrony by Khurshid Aziz & Shakhnoza Umarova
11.11 / 20:00
Step into a world of monochrome elegance, where piano takes on a new dimension with Khurshid Aziz and Shakhnoza Umarova — two award-winning piano virtuosos known for their breathtaking renditions of classical compositions.

With four hands on the piano keys, they will take you on a journey through the most melodic masterpieces of the past — from Chopin’s & Frank’s Preludes to Schubert’s Fantasias.

But there's a twist to this soirée!

As the timeless classics come to life, the stage transforms into a canvas for a breathtaking show by CopyPlanet — a contemporary artist, whose monochrome works are anything but dull.

Black & White. Forte & Piano. Tradition & Innovation.

On November 11, these opposites will come together in the contrasting interplay.

The result is a soothing multisensory experience that allows you to unplug from the noisy world and dive into the essence of art.
2 colours. 4 hands. 360° experience.
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