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Ramadan portal
Interactive art installation by HYBRID
1.04 — 10.04 / All Day
Together with Andakulova Gallery, we present the vibrant art of Timur Akhmedov & Alfiz Sabirov — a painter and a sculptor who play with the material world to find a form for the surreal.

Drawing from the well of dreams, childhood memories, and introspection, they craft metaphorical realms everyone can relate to.

Timur Akhmedov, a maestro of colors, invites you to plunge into the dreams of the contemporary human. He portrays the world and people in a surreal, dream-like manner, often casting himself and others as magic characters within a story.

Alfiz Sabirov, a virtuoso of shapes, offers you a fresh perspective on mythology. His splendid gods, warriors, oriental princesses, and animal totems emerge as conduits of the collective unconscious.

Rich symbolism. Intricate details. Vibrant colors & captivating forms. All you need is to step in!
Captivating blend of contemporary aesthetics & timeless tradition for you to play with
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