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Night at the Movies
The most iconic love songs from the big screen by Ryan Gibb — the British piano wizard
9.05 / 20:00
Indulge in an evening of romance and movie magic with Ryan Gibb — a vibrant pianist and singer hailing from the UK.

Having graced stages alongside Robby Williams and Sir Tom Jones and collaborated with Andrew Lloyd Webber in London's West End, Ryan is about to come to TODA to deliver the most iconic love songs from the silver screen.

With every piece as a cherished memory!

From the haunting melodies from "The Lion King" to the enchanting tunes from "The Breakfast at Tiffany’s " — Ryan’s velvety voice will transport you to the realms, where love knows no bounds and dreams always come true.

Simply surrender to the mellow vibes and let the magic begin!

Night at the Movies has never been so classy!
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