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Neon Keys
with Jolynn J Chin
Contemporary piano concert by an award-winning virtuoso
8.10 / 20:00
Open up the world of contemporary instrumental music with Jolynn J Chin — a award-winning pianist known for her virtuosic arrangement and amazing piano dexterity.

With her eclectic blends of classical styles with pop & electronics, she has won all the hearts at America’s Got Talent. And now we are pleased to welcome her in Dubai!

Join us on October 8th to witness a passionately bold piano performance, deepen with the dynamics of neon art by Sharmaine Kwan.

Expect emotionally charged compositions by Bach and Beethoven in unique arrangements, as well as original music pieces that will have all your emotions awakened.

Together with vibrant colors & electrifying shapes, dancing to the rhythm of the keys — this is going to be a sensory symphony that will set your heart on fire.
Immersive piano concert that will set your heart on fire
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