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NEOClassica by Alessandra Toni
Modern classics that speaks to your heart — by Italian piano mastermind
16.06 / 19:00
Embark on a deeply personal music journey with Alessandra Toni — an Italian composer & piano mastermind known for her ability to convey raw emotions with amazing piano dexterity.

Following her international success in Europe and other renowned festivals like Piano City, she will grace TODA with a performance that transcends words and speaks directly to the heart.

Passion, love, yearning, heartache and solace. All these feelings will come alive.

Expect compositions by Zimmer, Chryssomallis, Einaudi & more in unique arrangements, as well as original music repertoire that will have all your emotions awakened.

With every piece as a compelling speech of feelings that transcend words!

Deepen with the immersive art of Seedorova — this is going to be a truly transformative musical experience at 360°
This music will hit you deep in your soul
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