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Melodies of the Earth by Evgeny Khmara
Neoclassical tribute to the Mother Nature by Ukrainian piano virtuoso
20.04 / 18:00, 20:00
Join us in celebrating the beauty of our planet with Evgeny Khmara — a Ukrainian piano virtuoso and a YouTube sensation who transforms nature into music.

After performing at some of the most renowned venues around the globe, including The White House and Buckingham Palace, Evgeny is about to grace Dubai with his talent.

In honour of International Earth Day, Evgeny has prepared something truly special — a captivating neoclassical repertoire inspired by the wonders of the natural world.

Lush forests. Boundless deserts. Turbulent oceans. Majestic mountains. Each music piece will celebrate the Earth’s beauty and vitality — in all its glory.

Set against the backdrop of biospheric art by rank.sss — this one is set to become a neoclassical manifesto to the power of Mother Nature.
A Neoclassical Manifesto for Earth Day
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