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Meditative Ceramics 360°
Mindful creation practice to slow down and enjoy
17.03 / 21:00
Take a mindful pause to dive into a world of mindful creation with Asma and Rita — two certified instructors with over 13 years of expertise in Art & Mindfulness.

In just one hour, they will show you how to center your mind — much like you'd center the clay.

Through the rhythmic motion of shaping and molding, allow yourself to unplug from the fast pace of your daily life and focus solely on the present moment.

And after your mind quiets and your spirit settles — you'll have a unique piece to take home.

It doesn’t matter whether you think you’re creative. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve tried pottery before.

Remember, it is all about the process, not the final result.
Center your mind, like you’d center the clay
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