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Immersive concert by Manizha — a top-10 participant of the Eurovision 2021
06.10 / 20:00
The popular Russian singer Manizha, the latest participant of the Eurovision Song Contest from Russia to date, continues to perform her concerts all around the world.

She has begun her series of foreign performances, after outgrowing her popularity in Russia, where she has been living and working for the past decades.

Live performances of Manizha are a verified quality of sound and light, and seething energy. There is always a place for manifestations of emotions, and the distance between the musician and the listener is reduced as much as possible.

Together with her team, Manizha has been traveling the world for the first time on a full-scale tour in 2022/2023, which continues with new nuances in every new country.

Manizha is a Russian singer of Tajik origin, Goodwill Ambassador of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), a Top-10 participant of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, an ambassador of Spotify EQUAL international program.

She conveys bold ideas through her music and does not back down from her truth even in the face of adversity. And in addition to music, she conducts social activities. Her mission is to make people able to listen to each other, see humanity and strive for equality.
Manizha — for the first time in Dubai!
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