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Live Music Yoga
Vinyasa spicen with live music — at 360°
19.03 / 21:00
It's been 4 years since we've been taking Yoga to the next level here at TODA. But now, we're bringing something truly exceptional to the mat!

This month's special is Live Music Yoga — a dynamic flow at 360° immersive space, designed to raise your positive vibrations.

Get ready for a journey of renewal as you move through a dynamic sequence of asanas set to the uplifting sounds of classical guitar.

With each strum resonating with the rhythm of your body, enhancing your practice like never before.

Colourful 360° art show, uplift rhythm of the strings and Vinyasa flow — you'll be amazed how different yoga can be!
Spice up your practice with live music — at 360°
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