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Group Musical Performance of KHAYYAM
Celebration of Omar Khayyam at 360°
16.05 / 19:00, 21:30
Southern folk music centered on the city of Bushehr Performing pieces of Bushehr Folk Music and also Khayyam Poems which is specific to the city of Bushehr.

Along with Bandari and romantic songs of southern Iran with a greater tendency towards Bushehr's accent and structure.

The most famous Instruments in collab with Folk Music of Bushehr are Ney Anban, Ney, Flute, Dammam drum, beat and tempo.

The concert will be holding different cultures through different countries, will deep dive into Iranian, Emirati and Lebanese music with an amazing artists from mentioned countries to lead you into the depth of the Omar Khayyam’s wisdom.

Musical Performance of Khayyam celebration from Iran, UAE and Lebanon
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