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Ghosts We Carry & Woman Hunt
Pop-up exhibition by Nika Rubinshtein
15.10 — 21.12 / All Day
Together with Mute. gallery, we present the vibrant art of Nika Rubinshtein — a multidisciplinary artist, who plays with the material world to find a form for ephemeral moments and complicated feelings.
Dancing on the line between the abstract and the figurative, she seamlessly blends vibrant hues with precise black-and-white sketches to capture feelings that are too complex to be captured otherwise.
The "Ghosts We Carry" series serve as a poignant reflection to the collective human feelings of today. Disorientation, the crumbling of once-secure connections, the profound quest for individual identity. These emotions are artfully portrayed in an abstract manner, with objects flowing one to another, mirroring the complexity of contemporary life.
"Woman Hunt," the second series, is a heartfelt dedication to modern femininity. To the women, who are fierce champions of their rights and desires, standing tall as torchbearers for generations to come. To the women, whose power is still opposite to those in traditional male perspective.

Complex feelings described through mixed media
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