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¡Fiesta Flamenca!
Tribute to Paco de Lucia. The iconic Spanish art form at 360° brought by German Cova
13.04 / 20:00
Feel the vivid vibes of hot, hot Spain as we pay tribute to the Spanish flamenco virtuoso — Paco de Lucìa.

Passionate yet soulful. Intensive yet delicate. Flamenco is not just a dance. It is an art. The art we invite you to experience like never before.

In 75 minutes, the quartet leader German Cova and his musicians will guide you through the world of Flamenco — from classical guitar to the passion of movement.

Raw emotions, electrifying choreography, fiery guitar solos and stunning digital art — every aspect of this vibrant show will leave you breathless.
The iconic Spanish art form at 360°
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