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Femme Futura
A digital ode to the women of the past, present & future
1.04 — 30.04 / Selected Showtimes
Get a glimpse into the future at Femme Futura — a digital ode to the power of women.

For this pop-up exhibition, we’ve asked 4 new media stars from all over the globe to share their vision on the evolving essence of women in the future. What will she look like? And more importantly, what will she feel?

Ray Tijssen. Vince Fraser. Artemii Lebedev. Vanessa Pagano. With every pixel and stroke, they celebrate women’s multifaceted identity — strong yet graceful, bold yet resilient.

So open your mind and let your spirit soar as you witness their vision of a brighter tomorrow.
See women of the future through the eyes of new media stars
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