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Digital Dispatches
Groundbreaking Q&A session with Art Dubai Digital curators
2.03 / 16:00
Together with IOGINALITY, a digital art marketplace, we invite art market professionals to come together and discuss the most pressing challenges in the art of today. Just in time for Art Dubai!

As the initial hype around NFTs subsides, gallerists and art collectors have to turn to the more responsible approach to digital innovation. And we are here to provide a space for an open and honest dialogue.

In this groundbreaking session, participants will have the opportunity to anonymously share their "Digital Dispatches" — the challenges they are encountering.

Guided by Art Dubai Digital 2024 curators Alfredo Cramerotti and Auronda Scalera, along with IOGINALITY CEO Catherine Smirnova, we will delve into these issues to develop a transparent understanding on the future of the market.

Join us for an illuminating exploration to learn how to navigate in the evolving Web3.
How to navigate in the evolving Web3? Q&A session with Art Dubai Digital curators.
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