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Desert’s Pulse by Mr. Dervish
A mix of traditional melodies & dance that will transport you to the heart of the desert.
7.04 / 21:00
Embark on a soul-fulfilling journey into the heart of the desert with Mr. Dervish — Multifaceted mystic musician from Iran, renowned for his captivating “Dreams of Rumi” show.

The whisper of sands. The caress of the wind. The brilliance of the stars.

We invite you to experience it all — through the evocative melodies of uniquely-crafted instruments and a mesmerising whirl of traditional dance.

And as the crowning touch, witness how Syrian artist and gallerist Badie Jahjah translates the essence of the moment into a live art masterpiece, preserving the magic of the desert in a tangible form.

Together with a 360° digital show — this one is going to take you on a transformative journey akin to those of the Bedouins.
Feel the power of the desert through traditional music, dance & art
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