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Culture Through Soft Power
An enriching exploration of the profound influence of culture through soft power initiatives
20.03 / 21:00
Be captivated by the ethereal melodies of Erfan Tousi's hand pan performance, each note transporting you to distant realms.

Delve into the timeless verses of Khalil Gibran and Nizar Qabbani, gracefully interpreted by the eloquent recitations of Namal Siddiqui.

Guiding our discourse is esteemed chairperson Sultan Al Qassemi, alongside distinguished panellists Laila Binbrek and Shamma Al Bastaki, as they offer profound insights into the role of culture in shaping our global landscape.

Don't miss this illuminating event where art, poetry, and dialogue converge to celebrate the rich tapestry of human expression and connection.

Exploring the cultural influence through soft power initiatives at 360°
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