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Cosmic Gardens
Mindblowing mix of electronic music, stunning visuals & tantalizing scents — at 360°
1.03 — 3.03 / 20:00
Welcome to Cosmic Gardens — an electronic adventure to the unexplored territories of sensations that has already captured hearts in New York.

From the depths of the ocean to the vastness of outer space — the French Brooklyn-based duo will take you on a multisensory odyssey across 3 different realms that will just blow your mind.

Picture yourself in the depths of underwater, with each electronic note as a ripple in an ocean.

Find yourself in a lush rainforest, moved by organic rhythms and acoustic guitars.

Inhale the abstract scent of dark matter as the sound of stars will make you feel like floating in space.

Ready? Then just hit that dance floor!

Dive, soar, and transcend, with beats resonating not just in your ears but echoing through visuals and aromatic landscapes.

More than an immersive party, this is your invitation to celebrate the beauty of life itself — at 360°
A multisensory journey to the origins of life, created by artists, musicians & perfumers
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Photos by Jill Steinberg