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Chansons Impressionists by Opera Diva Yana Mann
Classy evening of lyrical beauty & exquisite sound by internationally-recognized Mezzo-Soprano
17.05 / 20:00
Indulge in a musical voyage through French impressionism with Yana Mann, internationally-recognized Mezzo-Soprano, and Oilhack Anthony, digital artist.

Following her acclaimed debut atop the Eiffel Tower, Yana returns to Dubai to evoke the charm of classic France — with the lyrical beauty of Gabriel Fauré and exquisite sound of Debussy's compositions.

With every note carrying the cultural heritage!

Accompanied by the mesmerising piano talents of Hanna Rodrigues and complemented by the captivating 360° art — that one will surely transport you to the heart of France.

Bienvenue à tous!

Classical journey to the heart of French music culture at 360°
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