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Behind the
Red Curtain
Hits from Hamilton, Chicago, Aladdin & more at 360°
1.12, 2.12 / 19:30
Embark on a breathtaking journey into the heart & soul of musical creation at Behind the Red Curtain — a 360° performance presented under TODA’s NeoTheater cultural initiative.

The stage is set, and you're invited to witness the magic behind it!

On December 1 & 2, we will draw back the curtain on the world of Broadway and the West End, allowing you to discover what makes musical theatre so captivating.

​​In collaboration with MTDXB, we are going to pen a love letter to the genre itself – with songs transforming into the stories that make you smile, laugh & cry.

So prepare to be amazed as the show unfolds, showcasing you the hits from the most iconic musicals to ever grace the grand stages — from Hamilton and Chicago, to The Little Mermaid and Aladdin!

But remember: it’s not only songs that make a great musical. It's the passion of the performers that truly captures the soul.

Experience the magic of musical theatre like never before
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