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Art Chronicles
Unlimited journey through the art history at 360°
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Van Gogh. Monet. Munch. Klimt. Gaudi. Seurat. Cézanne. Delaunay. Klee. Kandinsky.

These iconic artists have shaped history, molding the art world as we know it today. And this April, we invite you to immerse yourself in their stories — with no limitations, at 360°!

Experience the highs and lows of Van Gogh’s tumultuous life — reflected in the paintings.

Unravel the mystic symbolism of Klimt's iconic masterpieces.

Or take a deep dive into the story of Monet — a true art rebel of his era.

Which masterpiece will you step into? The choice is yours, with one ticket granting you access to 3 enlightening shows.
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