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aMORE 360°
5 love stories expressed through a fusion of dance & storytelling
26.11 / 15:00, 19:00
Embark on a mesmerising journey through love's diverse landscapes at aMORE — a contemporary choreography performance done under TODA’s NeoTheater cultural initiative.

In 1 hour, Dr Pali Chandra & her troupe will explore the depth of human affection through a fusion of dance & storytelling. So you FEEL what love really is.

Culminating distinct international dance forms in one show, they will inspect 5 faces of love — for a partner, for a friend, for a kid, for oneself and for the people around.

From the enchanting sway of Kathak to the mesmerising beats of Contemporary Bharatanatyam, from the fiery passion of Flamenco to the elegance of Sufi — each dance form will tell you a unique story of passion, heartache & redemption, with emotions speaking louder than words.

Together with an immersive show that mirrors every leap and graceful spin of the artists — this one is about to bring love to life in the most spectacular way.
More than a feeling. More than a performance. More than a show.
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