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Alterations: Aylen Pritchin & Lukas Geniusas
World premiere by an award-winning classical duo, with musical epochs collide at 360°
17.02 / 20:00
Witness the most exciting and distinctive artists of their generation, Aylen Pritchin (violin) and Lukas Geniušas (piano), as they bring their stellar talents to TODA for an immersive classical encounter like no other.

On February 17, they will guide you through a musical journey that bridges the classical brilliance over 100 years— opening with Maurice Ravel's compositions (1897) and venturing to the pieces by John Adams (1995) and Leonid Desyatnikov (1997).

Accompanied by the visionary digital art of Ferran Belmon, carefully curated to mirror the emotional flow of your journey — this world premiere is set to unite both centuries and worlds: digital arts and classical music.

Prepare to be captivated as timeless compositions and remarkable talent converge in a symphony that transcends time itself.
Musical epochs collide at 360°
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