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Aloe Vera
Russian pop-rock band "Aloe Vera" is coming to Dubai for the first time!
08.03 / 20:00
Russian pop-rock band "Aloe Vera" is coming to Dubai for the first time with a presentation of their new album, "Let's Pretend."

Aloe Vera is a unique pop-rock ensemble known for performing sunny, juicy music with refined, ironic, and sharp lyrics. At the heart of this group of professional male musicians is Vera Musaelyan, a vocalist and lyricist, who is as precious as an Ural malachite.

The motto of the band is "You'll dance with us!", and it proves itself true at every concert of the group. Their music is about hopes, love, freedom, and it makes you want to flirt and fall in love, wander in parks, jump in puddles, be mischievous, carefree, and simply celebrate life.

Aloe Vera band’s career in the musical industry started 10 years ago with the recording of the first album Styd (Shame). Right after the album’s release they went on a big tour all over Russia from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. Since then, the band released singles and albums, recorded stories for children, organized performances. Now Aloe Vera extended their touring activity to all over Europe and UAE.
You'll dance with us!
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