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Alice in Wonderland 360°
Explore the whimsical World of Alice — at 360°
03.08 — 31.08 / Selected Showtimes
Based on the novel loved by millions, Alice in Wonderland 360° will take you to a magical world, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Modern technology and fully immersive space will transform this classic story into a groundbreaking 360° experience — so you can explore every corner of it!

So join Alice on her adventure through Wonderland as she meets many fascinating characters and solve mind-bending puzzles hidden around.

Take part in the never-ending tea party with the eccentric Mad Hatter. Follow the mischievous Cheshire Cat through the twisting paths. Stand before the formidable Queen of Hearts in her garden.

Ready? Then just jump down that rabbit hole!

The legendary story is coming to life at 360°
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