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Sonic Avant-Garde
Black & White jazzy gig by Noush Like Sploosh. Get ready to groove to the beat!
30.09 / 20:00
Come by for a night of a contrast fusion brought by Noush Like Sploosh — a Dubai-based singer & songwriter with a string of gigs under her belt.

Her first single '3 Act Circus' was screened on MTV India and NHK Japan. And now we are pleased to welcome her in TODA!

Sassy guitar melodies, playful swing rhythms and rock attitude — the striking contrast of musical genres will come together with a purely surreal monochrome digital art to blend into something mind-blowing!

Expect striking covers of Django Reinhardt, Ella Fitzgerald & others, together with original compositions at 360°.

Unleash your curiosity, open your mind, and get ready to groove to the beat, from the first song until the last.

And don’t forget to dress up within the theme to get a complimentary drink!
Step into a world where black & white reign supreme
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This place just shot right to the top of our to-do list!

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