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Best Game Soundtracks
Relaxing piano journey into the video game worlds by Gayane Aslanyan
19.11 / 20:00
Transport into the soundscapes of your favourite video games, from The Witcher to Zelda, at 360°.

Brought to you by Gayane Aslanyan — an Armenian piano virtuoso, the winner of 5+ international piano competitions.

With a unique twist of grand piano & MIDI keyboard, she will create an ambient magic, bringing to life the most enchanting pieces that made your adventures unforgettable.

So hit the start button and join us on an unwinding quest through the game worlds — The Witcher, Skyrim, Hollow Knight, Undertale, ​​Zelda and Genshin.

Together with a 360° digital show — this one will become your ticket to a tranquil evening of nostalgia.
A piano journey into game music at 360°
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