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Family Yoga 360°
Take your little yogis on a bonding adventure that combines movement, music, and imagination at 360°
13.08 / 16:00
It's been three years since we've been taking Yoga to the next level here at TODA. But now we've got something exceptional!

This month's special is Family Yoga — a bonding experience that combines movement, music, and imagination at 360°.

Grab your yoga mat and watch as your little ones explore yoga poses inspired by animals and giggle their way into flexibility and balance.

It doesn't matter whether your kid tried Yoga before. With the help of our instructor, Anna, who has 12-years experience working with children, you both will feel confident doing this fun & simple practice.

Unplug from daily worries and join us for a playful yoga adventure where laughter, love, and peacefulness intertwine.
Calling all little yogis & their parents for a yoga adventure at 360°
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