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Deep Blue: Man + Machine
2 days of Art, Performances & Public Talks at 360° by MORROW collective
27.08 / 11:00
DEEP BLUE. What was once the name of a super-intelligent chess-playing computer, created by a human to surpass himself, Deep Blue is now a symbolic reference to the ever-evolving relationship between man and machine.

This 360° showcase of creativity & innovation powered by MORROW collective is here to leave you in awe of the possibilities of advanced technology and the impact it can have on humanity as we know it.

Advanced Generative Art, Electrifying Dance Performances, Public Talks, NFT drops and Metaverse Tours — this list is far from complete!
Where Art Meets AI in 360°
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360° Digital Art Show

Step in the finest selection of the artworks by new media superstars reflecting on how AI will affect our lives

Dance Performance

Enjoy an electrifying choreography of Angels & Andrew Polovnikov, who are about to respond to the art with the moves

Metaverse VR Experience

Take a deep dive into the vivid worlds of Audrey Miller, Gary Cartlidge, Glass Crane & others to explore art in the whole new dimension

Curators Tour, Q & A, Open Mic & Networking

If you ever wondered what AI art is about, MORROW collective will help you to navigate through it

Workshops by Morrow Collective

Curating Digital Art

By Anna Seaman, Art Curator at MORROW collective

Explore digital art beyond boundaries

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