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Bollywood Dreams
The traditional Indian styles mixed with the Western hits. Bollywoodization at 360°!
20.08 / 20.00
Join us for a night of vibrant tunes and infectious energy brought by Nabeel Khan — an 8th-generation Sarangi artist, composer and singer.
On August 20, Nabeel will come to TODA to show you a music alchemy — mix the traditional Indian styles with the Western hits we all know and love.

Expect spiced-up versions of “My Heart Will Go On”, “Senorita” and “Perfect”, along with the hits from “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Game of Thrones”, “The Godfather”, “Sufi Qawwalis” & more.
Together with an immersive show — this is going to be a true Indian Extravaganza at 360°
Western hits’ Bollywoodization at 360°
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