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Arabic Electronica 360°
Ruminative fusion of Arabic poetry & modern Electronic music
5.07 / 21:00
Join us for a special night where Arabic poetry and Technology come together — to explore the essence of life itself.

Featuring Fadi Rifaai and Haybayl — rising stars in the Middle Eastern electronic music scene.

With every music piece, explore the wisdom of 5 elements, to finally reach Akash (Ether).

Ground yourself with Earth. Flow with the rhythm of Water. Feel the Fire in your heart. Get your spirit lifted with the Air. The sky's the limit!

With art & sound created live, right before your eyes — this is going to be a deeply transformative immersive experience at 360°.

This one will invigorate your body and touch your spirit.
Fill your heart with ecstatic wisdom of 5 elements at 360°
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This place just shot right to the top of our to-do list!

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